Home-made bombs set off near court, six hurt

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A member of PKR’s Lembah Pantai division suffered a heart attack and is in intensive care, and a handicapped member of PKR Batu division was among five other people injured when home-made bombs were set off outside the Jalan Duta courts this morning.

Slight damage was reported to several cars, belonging to news reporters and two PKR politicians. The vehicles are being held for forensic examination.

» MalaysiaKini reports that ball bearings, batteries and wires were found at the scene, suggesting home-made devices with timers.

Three explosions were heard from near this electricity substation at the Jalan Duta court complex as the crowd were dispersing after hearing the verdict in the Anwar Ibrahim trial. Initial reports from the scene said the explosions sounded like home-made bamboo cannon. Others asked if fireworks or crackers had been let off. An eyewitness said a young lawyer had suffered injuries. No confirmation was available. Selangor assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong said her car suffered slight damage, while the door sill came off the car of Parti Keadilan Rakyat supreme council member Zakaria Abdul Hamid, parked behind hers. The window of a MalaysiaKini reporter’s car was shattered, and several reporters’ cars suffered slight damage. Police are holding the cars for forensic tests.

Photo: Elizabeth Wong

10:40am Tweet by Malaysian police

Polis Diraja Malaysia ( Royal Malaysia Police )
OP AMAN : Didapati berlaku letupan di kawasan luar mahkamah pada kira-kira jam 10 pagi tadi. Siasatan sedang dijalankan dan orang ramai dinasihatkan untuk bersurai.



3 thoughts on “Home-made bombs set off near court, six hurt

  1. Hmm …., interesting subplot to the morning verdict but sure as hell sounds and smells like sinister figure/s associated with ‘you know who’ !

    Pondering the moment, wonder if this “unseen” *free spirit is closer related to Altantuya’s bombing or the church molotov cocktails (the yet unsolved arson attack at Assunta, PJ) on the day Najib was hosting a I Malaysia launch !!

    * best describe as “hantu-raya” in the Malay language but also serves as a reminder that the ultra’s or radicals beholden to ‘you know who’ are still lurking out there. Maybe a direct descendant of Razak’s hantu-raya from way back 1969 !!!

    Let’s hope ‘they’ slip up at some point playing games only ‘they’ can conjure for their amusement that threatens public order.

  2. Nervous tension produces an accumulation of noxious gases, including methane, which can explode on contact with open flames, even from cigarette lighters. It is believed that Gani Patail, Musa Hassan, and Najib Razak were earlier spotted in the vicinity of the courthouse, cleverly disguised as traffic cones.

  3. And btw, the most realiable, corrupt free and earnest workers in the entire civil service must surely be the sniffer dogs in the employ of PDRM’s drug and bomb detection unit.

    We should be so lucky as this is as good a foundation to build on, as soon as we rid ourselves of almost 5 decades of UMNO rule. Soon, the ghosts’ of 1969 will have their moment having waited some 40 odd years for justice and witness the demise of UMNO.

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