Sirul may be sent back for new Altantuya murder trial

Sirul Azhar Umar

Sirul Azhar Umar

November 2006, Shah Alam.  Reporters at the murder scene

Reporters at the murder scene [Photo:]

Exclusive: Former bodyguard convicted of Mongolian translator murder could face a new trial potentially exposing links to senior government figures

Hannah Ellis-Petersen

The Guardian

Australian authorities have approved a request from Malaysia to extradite a former prime ministerial bodyguard convicted of the murder of a Mongolian translator in a scandal that dogged Najib Razak’s time in office and transfixed the nation, the Guardian has learned.

A source said the Malaysian government had recently approached Australia to request that Sirul Azhar Umar be brought back to Malaysia, and that the plan had been given the green light after Malaysia agreed to cover the costs. It is believed Sirul will leave Australia within a month. Continue reading

On Umno’s anniversary, a painful lesson of hubris

The Malay party is in ruins, exactly 72 years after its formation in 1946.

For Najib Razak and Umno, a sombre occasion for a party humbled by hubris on its own anniversary. (Photo: Barisan Nasional Facebook)

By Gobind Rudra
May 11, 2018

As Malaysians celebrate the outcome of May 9 and embark on the long weekend, with not a little trepidation amidst the euphoria, few will spare a thought for the wreck that is Umno today, ruined on the eve of the anniversary of its birth on May 11, 1946. Overcome by hubris, its reputation hangs in tatters around its neck after Wednesday night’s astonishing general election results.

Many present-day Malaysians will fail to recognise the deep significance of May 10 in Malaysian history, however. It was on this day in 1969 that Umno first came a cropper at a general election that ruined the facade of invincibility — a popular movement of the largely urban disaffected turfed out the Umno-led Alliance party in Penang, very nearly in Perak and Selangor, and broke its dominance in Parliament. Continue reading

The Ids of March – a horror story

Now that the ides of March have come and gone, with all the drama happening only in the days leading up to it and, pffft…, all relatively quiet on the day itself, Sunday, we seem to be back again at the old stalemate. Was it just bluff and buster, Ego v Superego? The game isn’t over yet, not by a long shot.

Here’s a quick pictorial summary:

The Ids of March: A Horror Story

On Friday, the old man wrote in his blog that the police should conduct a forensic audit of 1Malaysia Development Bhd. And he questioned how Riza Aziz (gasp!) son of Rosmah Mansor (gasp!) wife of Najib Razak (gasp!) became so filthy rich and has a Beverly Hills mansion. The blog got hit and blacked out for a while, before stuttering back on Saturday. A little bit like Wayne Rooney in the kitchen.

On Saturday, the younger old man went to the home state of the old man and hammered the old man and his son. Get rid of trouble-makers before we lose the next election, he thundered. This is more important than Kulim international airport (gasp!). This was in front of the old man’s son (gasp!). A couple of people dug up some old history about the old man and his projects and wastage (gasp!).

On Sunday the old old man and the younger old man sat together in public with a stiff young man beside them, the same young man sidelined for a while (gasp!) by the old man’s son (gasp!). Back in the old man’s home state, the old man’s son said, No, that younger old man and I are still the best of friends (gasp!).

Also on Sunday, a princely old man said “It’s all about money and projects, you know.” (Gasp!).

The story continues…


» Mahathir: How did Riza Aziz get so rich?

» Purge Umno of trouble-makers, says Najib

» Salleh says Umno will fall – by Mahathir’s doing

» Ku Li: Umno chiefs get RM50,000 a month plus projects

» Mukhriz defends Kulim project as not crony job


Text of Mahathir’s missing article about 1MDB

‘Unusually high traffic’ causes server shutdown

Unusually high traffic at Dr Mahathir’s blog caused webmasters to temporarily suspended the site, according to an aide quoted by Malay Mail Online. Access to was disabled to prevent the servers from crashing, Sufi Yusof said. No details were given for what kind of “unusually high traffic” the site experienced, but it may a symptom of a DDOS attack, when a web site is deliberately flooded from robot computers.


Answer for troubled investment company’s affairs
or lose next general elections, Dr M warns ruling party

"Account suspended" notice at earlier today.

“Account suspended” notice at earlier today.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s blog has vanished, with a hosting company server message saying the account has been suspended, followed by the site going down. Earlier today he had posted an article on the troubled government-owned company 1Malaysia Development Bhd, of which he has been a fierce critic for months.

In the 29-paragraph, he called for a forensic audit of the company’s accounts and a police investigation into the company. He warned that the Barisan Nasional, headed by Najib Razak, would be in danger of losing the next general election if the many questions surrounding the company were not answered.

He noted that the ruling coalition had lost considerable support at the 2013 elections, and said the party was in danger of defeat in 2018. “Remember, elections are not won on votes of Umno supporters only,” he said, referring to the apparent unanimous support of 150-plus division heads at a meeting with Najib Razak last week.

What the "Just Down for Me?" service says

What the “Just Down for Me?” service says

Dr Mahathir's reaction, according to FakeMalaysiaNews

Dr Mahathir’s reaction, according to FakeMalaysiaNews

1MDB has been pummelled by opposition politicians, as well as supporters of Dr Mahathir, over the company’s finances, its investments in joint ventures with Middle Eastern interests, the use of offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands, and its links to controversial wheeler-dealer Penang businessman Jho Low.

It has also caused a storm over links to the apparent luxurious lifestyle of members of the prime minister’s wife and family.

Here is the text of Dr Mahathir’s article, as reproduced from Turtle Din’s blog: Continue reading

Harakah refuses to back down on Riza story

Harakah Daily, the online newspaper of PAS, has refused to retract an article questioning the wealth of Riza Aziz, son of Rosmah Mansor and stepson of prime minister Najib Razak, Malaysian Insider reports.

The web site’s managing editor Dr Rosli Yaakob said he was prepared to go to court.

He had written a commentary based on a New York Times article that linked Riza Aziz with Jho Low, the Penang businessman, and the controversial 1Malaysia Development Berhad, which has been described as government-owned “investment company” and “sovereign wealth fund”.

Najib’s lawyers sent a demand letter on Friday asking for a retraction, apology and damages, the usual precursor to a defamation suit. It said Rosli’s article was an “irresponsible slander that was nothing more than pure lies”. Continue reading

Myanmar paper: Jho Low a ‘Penang conman’ and Rosmah a ‘shopaholic wrecking ball’

Najib ‘a notorious philanderer’ says columnist
as he lets fly with colourful phrases about the PM,
Rosmah, 1MDB, and Rosmah’s son Riza Aziz


It’s hilarious.

A Myanmar newspaper has described Jho Low as “a Penang conman” in a commentary that says prime minister Najib Razak is “under the sway of his wife”, calling Rosmah Mansor “a shopaholic wrecking ball”.

Najib is said to be “a notorious philanderer in his early days” but he’s not the only one; the writer says Najib was just “like most UMNO leaders” in his philandering. Give the man a cigar, I might think.

Myanmar TimesReferring to the Altantuya murder, the writer suggests that Malaysians believe that Altantuya was also Najib’s mistress besides being the lover of Najib’s associate Abdul Razak Baginda, the policy analyst who now lives in the UK after being acquitted without his defence being called for the Altantuya murder.

The commentary by writer Roger Mitton in the Myanmar Times newspaper was published last Monday, and mentioned by the DAP’s Lim Kit Siang in a statement on Saturday. Coincidentally, the columnist quotes an opposition figure who, from past experience, is known to occasionally succumb to hyperbolia extremis. Mitton writes: An opposition MP has called the fund fiasco “the mother of the mother of the mother of all scandals in the history of Malaysia.”

A stirring phrase, eh? There’s a lot more.

Mitton and his opposition friend share a common love of language as you can see: Continue reading

Barisan papers fail basic journalism

Utusan, NST, Star, Sun chicken out when Tun Razak’s sons
(minus Najib) respond to ‘legacy family wealth’ claim

Former New Straits Times Press group chief editor A Kadir Jasin has rightly questioned why major newspapers owned by Barisan Nasional parties failed to carry a joint statement by the four brothers of prime minister Najib Abdul Razak defending their late father’s reputation against the prime minister’s office alluding to “legacy family wealth”.

Kadir said the BN papers had flouted a basic rule of journalism, the right of reply, by not allowing the four brothers to respond to what had already been published about their father in those very newspapers and elsewhere.

The New York Times. Feb 8

The New York Times. Feb 8

He told Malaysiakini: “What’s important to note here is that there must be something terribly wrong with the PMO statement to prompt the brothers to not only distance themselves from the content of that statement, but to accuse it of tarnishing the image of their late father” (Tun Abdul Razak, the second prime minister).

Tun Razak’s sons, minus Najib, issued a joint statement on Tuesday night, emailed to all major newspapers, Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider and The Edge.

They had defended Razak’s reputation for integrity and frugality in response to a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office published in the New York Times. Continue reading

Fighting words by Zam: More stories to come

More stories to come, says Zam

It’s not over, says Zam




Zainuddin Maidin, stating his unwavering support of Mahathir Mohamad, has responded to critics and supporters with fighting words: he would continue writing though not on politics; more juicy stories would be coming; the methods would change but not the content.

Zam had yesterday he was giving up political blogging, in the midst of a running battle of words and nerves between supporters of Mahathir Mohamad and his campaign to unseat Najib Razak, and Najib’s allies, into which supporters of his rival Anwar Ibrahim have been drawn.

Critics had said yesterday Zam had been pressured by Najib supporters to shut up.

But the former Utusan Malaysia editor and information minister said today the battle would carry on, in different ways.

To reinforce his commitment, he said: “End the Dynasty!” reiterating Mahathir’s call last week, in what most people take to be a reference to Najib, son of Malaysia’s second prime minister: Mahathir himself coyly said he had never mentioned Najib by name, leaving it open to interpretation. Continue reading